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How to Make a Cafe Table to Look More Beautiful

Make a beautiful cafe table is something that is very important. Today's cafe room must be comfortable for visitors, more than that the place must be suitable for use to take pictures or take pictures. Instagramable!

There are several ways to make a cafe table become more beautiful. You can add some accessories that fit the concept inside the cafe. For example, if the concept of a cafe that you want to bring classic things, you can add old coins that are now rarely found.

Maybe to decorate the cafe table requires additional capital. But if you are able to turn a mediocre place into something unique, then your place will always be flooded with visitors.

If you want to make your cafe table unique, you can refer to the following explanation:

1. Classic Goods. You can add classic objects on your cafe table. For example, you can put a wooden candle holder arranged in such a way. For example, you can make candle settings that have unequal highs.

2. Flower Pot. The element of life to giv…

Idea 50 Minimalist Wooden Chair Models

It is not easy to build a strong character for the interior of the house so that it looks beautiful and comfortable, there needs to be harmony in the selection of colors of wall paint, furniture and accessories to strengthen the character. Each side of the room in the house we must pay attention to one by one, starting from the family room, kitchen, bedroom and living room because everything must be united to create beauty in a home, this time CustomMebel will discuss the interior of the living room, we will peeling info on various models of minimalist wooden chairs.

By choosing a wooden chair for the interior will give a classic impression, the wooden chair itself has a variety of models and designs, some are carved and some are not, while to choose the type of wooden chair itself, you should choose teak wood because it has dense fiber, indeed the price of this wood is very fantastic in accordance with the durability of the wood. However, you can trick it by choosing other good qual…